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About My Wellness Spring.

A Legacy of Health and Wisdom!
Wellness Spring was envisioned by our esteemed host, Beverley Holt, a recognized and experienced health expert with over four decades of orchestrating talks, workshops, and events alongside exceptional health experts, scientists, doctors, and holistic therapists. Beverley has been a beacon in health and wellness, celebrated for her excellent work in promoting insightful speakers.
With the onset of the COVID lockdown, Beverley's followers encouraged her to embark on a new venture — a podcast that could carry forward the legacy of her impactful work. Recognizing the trust her community placed in her expertise, Wellness Spring was born. It's not just a podcast; it's a continuation of Beverley's dedication to disseminating invaluable insights from thought leaders in health and wellness.
At Wellness Spring, we carry a wealth of experience, grounded in decades of meaningful connections and collaborations. Join us on this journey as we delve into intimate discussions and share the transformative wisdom that Beverley has cultivated throughout her remarkable career.
Trust the legacy, trust the expertise — welcome to Wellness Spring, where health meets wisdom, and positive transformation awaits.