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Welcome to Wellness Spring.

Wellness Spring was started by Beverley Holt, our inspirational host, as many of her friends and colleagues have been nagging her for years to record speakers that she promotes at various events and also interview them as they have so much to offer.
Rather than an interview, Beverley however has chosen to make these talks intimate discussions as she has befriended so many incredible people, from great achievers and top athletes, to health and wellness experts.
Our intention is to build a conscious community of exceptional people who have dedicated their lives to health, wellness, sport and being the best that they can be.
We are dedicated to sharing our information to make our world a better place to live in, one small step at a time.
We believe that self-love is the key for living a happy, purposeful, meaningful life and UNITY, collaboration, connection, communication and community is of utmost importance. We are all Unique. We are one and together we can make a big difference for humanity and our planet.
If you have a suggestion about a topic or idea for an interview, please contact us.

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